November 6-8, 2024

Get ready to exhibit with us!

What Makes a NYU-SONICK SEMINARS unique?

Dr. Michael Sonick has been a leader in the dental community for over 35 years. Sonick Seminars offer dentists, periodontists and oral surgeons the best hands-on instruction using the latest techniques, products, and technology. A Sonick Seminar offers sponsors multiple demonstrations using their instruments and products. Not only do dentist elevate their surgical skills but also enhance patient care.
Seminars can be held in Fairfield, CT, at Dr. Sonickā€™s conference center as well as NYU in NYC and other surgical teaching facilities across the US.

Sonick Seminars expose practitioners and specialists to advances in surgical care while showcasing your products.

Exhibitors OpportunitiesĀ 

Exhibitors will gain valuable hands-on opportunities to showcase products and gain targeted exposure to dental professionals.

In addition, your brand will get product placement within Dr. Sonickā€™s event videos which will be shared with more than 160,000 dental contacts across the US.

For exhibitorsĀ participation and investment please email: [email protected]

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NYU-Sonick SeminarsĀ Program

Participants in NYU-Sonick Seminars Program are successful before they arrive. This three-day program will give them the tools to go farther and perform even better. It's about leadership, making things happen, and putting your stamp on the future of dentistry.